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 1.Announcement from School of MSME(HIGHEST PRIORITY)
Announcement for ME Students (1/2018 Semester Registration)

Announcement for IE Students (1/2018 Semester Registration)
 2.Announcement from AS&R Division(HIGHEST PRIORITY)
- [RS] Exam Seats for Overlap Examination (Final 3/2017)
 3.Announcement: English Proficiency Requirements(HIGHEST PRIORITY)
Submission of English Standard Test Scores for Graduation
Last day for submission of the English standard test scores for undergraduate students who plan to graduate in this semester (Summer/2017) is August 8, 2018
English Proficiency Requirement (Please click)

Students can submit only TU GET scores by yourselves to the Academic Services and Registration Division. However, other English standard test scores must be submitted by examination center directly to SIIT address below (except for a score from SIIT);

Send to:
Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT),
Thammasat University (Rangsit Campus)
Academic Services and Registration Division
P.O. Box 22 Pathumthani 12121, Thailand

ANNOUNCED BY   AS&R Division   ANNOUNCED DATE   6 July 2018
 4.Announcement from AS&R Division(HIGHEST PRIORITY)
Undergraduate students, ID59xx, who have not completed the new TU student online registration in the academic year 2016 are required to complete the registration process on; otherwise, the student will not be able to check the 2/2017 grade results.

The list of students who are required to complete the new student online registration, click here (updated 5:00 p.m. 6/7/2018)
For more information, please click
ANNOUNCED BY   AS&R Division   ANNOUNCED DATE   11 June 2018
 5.Announcement from AS&R Division(HIGHEST PRIORITY)
AS&R Division (Bangkadi campus) will not be available for service
from June 4 - August 5, 2018. Please receive your requested document(s) at AS&R Division, Rangsit campus.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
ANNOUNCED BY   AS&R Division   ANNOUNCED DATE   30 May 2018
 6.Announcement: The online graduation request(HIGHEST PRIORITY)
Students who graduate in Academic Year 2017 are required to register the online graduation request on, Manual Online Graduation Request

For the list of graduated student, please see attached link below:
Graduate : Click here
Undergraduate: Click here

For the authorization form, Click here
 7.Announcement from Finance and Budget Division(HIGHEST PRIORITY)
ประกาศการขอใบเสร็จค่าธรรมเนียมการศึกษาออนไลน์ (ด่วนที่สุด)
Announcement: Request for the Online Receipt (Urgent)

- เอกสารประกอบใบเบิกตามระเบียบกระทรวงการคลัง คลิกที่นี่
- Documents for Educational Support and Tuition fees Reimbursement Regulation of Ministry of Finance click here
ANNOUNCED BY   Finance & Budget Division   ANNOUNCED DATE   28 March 2018
 8.Announcement from ETU(HIGHEST PRIORITY)
Criteria for Satisfying the English Language Requirements of Bachelor's Degree Students 2017 (B.E. 2560) [Thai version] [English version]

Criteria for Satisfying the English Language Requirements of Master's Degree Students 2018 (B.E. 2561) [Thai version] [English version]

Criteria for Satisfying the English Language Requirements of Doctoral Degree Students 2016 (B.E. 2559) [Thai version] [English version]

 9.Announcement from AS&R Division(HIGHEST PRIORITY)

Online Request Procedure: Certificate Documents/Academic Record.

ANNOUNCED BY   AS&R Division   ANNOUNCED DATE   1 June 2016
 10.Announcement from AS&R Division for Graduate Students(VERY HIGH PRIORITY)
Turnitin Instructor User Manual
Quickstart Training Videos
Thai version

TU e Thesis Manual
English version
Thai version
ANNOUNCED BY    AS&R Division   ANNOUNCED DATE   15 June 2017

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