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1. Form G01-Graduate Study Admission Approval
Form G01
2. Student Card Form
Form TU Card
-->Example for fills in the Student Card Form

3. Accreditation of Course
Form G02
1. Registration Procedure for Advanced Topics, Current Topics, Selected Topics, Special Topics,

2. Form G04-01-Selected, Advanced, Current, and Special Topics Form (Non MSc)
Form G04-1
3. Form G04-02-Selected Topic Form (MSc)
Form G04-2
4. Form G04-03-Special Study and Research Seminar Form
Form G04-3
5. Form G06-Comprehensive Examinationl Form (LSCSE Plan B)
Form G06
6. Form G07-Qualification Examination Form (Doctoral only)
Form G07
7. Form G08-Thesis Proposal Form
Form G08
8. Form G09-Thesis Progress Form
Form G09
9. Form G11-Thesis Final Defense Form
Form G11
10. Form G12-Request Form For Invitation To Thesis Presentation
Form G12
11. Form G26-Announcement of Thesis Presentation
Form G26
12. Form G22-Graduate Student Status Maintenance Form
Form G22
Thesis Committee & External Examiner
1. Form G03-Thesis Committee Appointment Form
Form G03
2. Form G03.1-Revision Thesis Committee Appointment Form
Form G03.1
3. Form G10-External Examiner Appointment Form For Ph.D. Dissertation
Form G10
4. Form G13-External Examiner Comment Form (Doctoral only)
Form G13
5. Form G14-Honorarium Form For External Examiner (Doctoral only)
Form G14
1. Form G15-Approval of Thesis
Form G15
2. Form 5.13-Authors' Contributions in a Research Artical Form
Form 5.13
3. Form G17-English Proficiency Requirement
Form G17
4. Form G18.1-Graduation Requirement Check Form for M.Eng. (Eng.T.+ICTES)
Form G18.1
5. Form G18.2-Graduation Requirement Check Form for M.Eng. (LSCSE)
Form G18.2
6. Form G18.3-Graduation Requirement Check Form for M.Sc.
Form G18.3
7. Form G19-Graduation Requirement Check Form for Doctoral
Form G19
8. Form G20-Copyright of Work of Thesis
Form G20
9. Form G21-Thesis Report Receipt Form
Form G21
General Request
1. Form G05-Changing Pragram, Curriculum (Granduate Student)
Form G05
2. Form G23-Request Form for Utilizing Thesis Support Budget (Purchasing Equipment)
Form G23
3. Form G24-Request Form for Utilizing Thesis Support Budget (Material and Expense)
Form G24
4. Form G25-Checklist Form Update Status for Doctoral Degree Programs
Form G25
Thesis Template
- Thesis Template (.docx)

- Thesis Template (.pdf)

- Check List

Publication Requirements for graduation
- PhD

- M.Sc.

- M.Eng.

- M.Sc.(MM)

1. Undergraduate Student Status Maintenance Form
Form SRR015
2. Request for registration without pre-requisite
Form SRR040
3. Student ID Card Request Form (Lost/Damaged/Expired/Forgot passward)

1. General Request Form
Form SRR001
2. Changing Personal Information Form
Form SRR013

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