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1. Form G01-Graduate Study Admission Approval
Form G01
2. Accreditation of Course
Form G02
1. Registration Procedure for Advanced Topics, Current Topics, Selected Topics, Special Topics, and Research Seminar Courses

2. Form G04-01-Selected, Advanced, Current, and Special Topics Form (Non MSc)
Form G04-1
3. Form G04-02-Selected Topic Form (MSc)
Form G04-2
4. Form G04-03-Special Study and Research Seminar Form
Form G04-3
5. Form G07-Qualification Examination Form (Doctoral only)
Form G07
6. Form G08-Thesis Proposal Form
Form G08
7. Form G09-Thesis Progress Form
Form G09
8. Form G11-Thesis Final Defense Form
Form G11
9. Form G12-Request Form For Invitation To Thesis Presentation
Form G12
10. Form G26-Announcement of Thesis Presentation
Form G26
11. Form G22-Graduate Student Status Maintenance Form
Form G22
Master’s Degree, Plan B
1. Form G03-1-Independent Study Committee Appointment Form
Form G03-1
2. Form G06-Comprehensive Examinationl Form (LSCSE Plan B)
Form G06
3. Form G08-1-Independent Proposal Form
Form G08-1
4. Form G09-1-Independent Progress Form
Form G09-1
5. Form G11-1-Independent Final Defense Form
Form G11-1
6. Form G15-1-Approval of Idependent Study
Form G15-1
7. Independent Study Template (.pdf)
Thesis Committee & External Examiner
1. Form G03-Thesis Committee Appointment Form
Form G03
2. Form G03.1-Thesis/Independent Study Committee Revision Form
Form G03.1
3. Form G10-External Examiner Appointment Form For Ph.D. Dissertation
Form G10
4. Form G12.1-Request Form For Invitation To External Examiner
Form G12.1
5. Form G13-External Examiner Comment Form (Doctoral only)
Form G13
6. Form G14-Honorarium Form For External Examiner (Doctoral only)
Form G14
1. Form G15-Approval of Thesis
Form G15
2. Form 5.13-Authors' Contributions in a Research Artical Form
Form 5.13
3. Form G17-English Proficiency Requirement
Form G17
General Request
1. Form G05-Changing Pragram, Curriculum (Granduate Student)
Form G05
2. Form G23-Request Form for Utilizing Thesis Support Budget (Purchasing Equipment)
Form G23
3. Form G24-Request Form for Utilizing Thesis Support Budget (Material and Expense)
Form G24
Thesis Template
- Thesis Template for Latex (.zip)

- Thesis Template (.pdf)

- Check List

1. Undergraduate Student Status Maintenance Form
Form SRR015
2. Request for registration without pre-requisite
Form SRR040
3. Request form for change of academic program

1. General Request Form
Form SRR001
2. Changing Personal Information Form
Form SRR013
3. Request for TU student card

4. Classroom reservation form

5. Thesis Title Submission

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